Is It Too Late To Make Money Online In Alabama?

top home business in Chelsea Remember when you bypassed your Chelsea travel agent and booked your first airline reservation online? How about ordering your first book from Amazon? Did you enter your credit card number with trepidation? Did you wonder if your purchase would actually arrive at your Chelsea home?

Now, most of us in Chelsea shop online without worrying about security or shipping times. Well, we might worry, but not enough to actually drive to a Chelsea store to make the purchase.

Since online shopping has become a way of life for thousands of people in Alabama and millions around the world, does that mean that e-commerce is no longer a burgeoning industry? Statistics reveal a resounding ‘No!’

There is plenty of room for growth in online channels and among all customer demographic groups. In fact, some experts call online marketing the New Industrial Revolution.

Chelsea entrepreneurs planning to launch an online store should feel confident. Consider the following:

1) Untapped Industries
There is room for growth in all industries (even traditionally strong ones) including weight loss products, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, home decor, and clothing. Even the most commonly purchased online products have not even come close to saturation level.

2) Developing Markets
As more people in developing countries gain access to a computer, online retailers expand their potential customer base; especially the retailers who carry products not available to these new online shoppers in their local brick-and-mortar stores.

China, Brazil, Vietnam and Egypt are currently hot markets for online retailers. Check it out at

3) Over-70 Shoppers
The age group that didn’t grow up online is quickly becoming computer savvy and are e-shopping in greater numbers every year. Smart Chelsea online sellers will cater to the Greatest Generation.

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